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Monday, November 21, 2005

Recent Yankee News

As this is one of my final posts (at least in terms of this class), I would like to thank everyone for commenting and reading my blog! Maybe I will keep this up as the semester comes to an end, and over Winter. Check back to see!

To respond to some comments, I agree with Adam Meyer that Bubba Crosby should get the start in center field for next season. As they have taken a chance on Robinson Cano, Crosby could prove to be vital to them as Cano did. Also, they resigned Matsui, so that is good news, as everyone wanted that to happen! To Matt Fox, I really do not know if their outfield is in trouble or not. With Matsui and Sheffield in left and right and the center field spot still open, who knows where the Yankees will run with that. That brings me to my first topic, Bernie Williams. Everyone knows that he is getting older and he has not been producing for the Yankees as he usually did. Derek Jeter and Joe Torre have backed Bernie, saying they would like to see him stay. Joe Torre is quoted as saying, "I certainly have a closeness with him and I've talked to him a couple of times, but he understands that it's probably going to be a decision that's made later on."( So as of now, it is unsure of Bernie's status. He may be downgraded to a back up outfielder, which will be good that he is still a Yankee, but almost disrespectful after all the years and good things he has done for that team.
In terms of some of you agreeing/disagreeing with A-Rod being MVP, I would like to think that although his performance in the post-season was below average, throughout the whole season (which the award covers), he was a dominant force for the Yankees, and that is why he won the award. Also, the team as a whole did not play well in the post-season, and its hard to place the blame on one player. All us fans can do is have faith that next season will be just as successful, if not hopefully more successful, than this past one.
Did anyone else know that Tino Martinez's $3 million option for 2006 was declined by the Yankees? That is disappointing, he is getting old and was not too valuable to the organization this past year, but I have always been a fan of him, even when he was playing with other teams. He has said on the Yankees website that a few teams have contacted him about playing, but he is very interested in working in the front office of the Yankees ( aren't we all!!!) or coaching.
In terms of new players for the Yanks, many minor leaguers have been added to the 40 man roster, including Trenton Thunder alums ( I know you are tired of me talking about the Trenton Thunder by now) Matt DeSalvo, 25, was 9-5 with a 3.02 ERA in 25 games (24 starts) for Double-A Trenton in 2005, earning a spot in the Eastern League All-Star Game, Jeff Karstens 23, ranked second in the Eastern League with 12 wins in 2005, posting a 12-11 record and a 4.15 ERA in 28 games (27 starts) for Double-A Trenton, and Kevin Thompson, 25, led all Yankees Minor Leaguers with 43 combined stolen bases at Double-A and Triple-A in 2005. He began the season with Trenton and was selected to participate in the Eastern League All-Star Game after batting .329 with 12 homers and 43 RBIs in 81 games. In terms of center fielders, Brian Giles has been contacted by the Yankees, with no big news as of yet, but it seems to be the Yanks are pretty interested in him. Pitcher Scott Eyre has also been contacted, but recently signed with the Chicago Cubs. Let us hope that the Yankees pitching problems will finally be behind them next season and they will contend for the World Series in 2006.
To end this post, I wanted to leave you guys with this, I thought it was cool. How many things can you do with your cell phone nowadays? You can text the word "YANKEES" to 65246 and receive automatic Yankee updates and some breaking news. ...only for $3.99 a month. I guess big enough fans would definetly go for that! And even if you are not a Yankees fan, I am sure the same can be done with your favorite team!

Thanks for reading my blog...and on a closing note...GO NEW YORK YANKEES!


  • I have to say, its unfortunate that Tino was not brought back, even if they restructured his contract. He gave us the needed lift early last season that in my view held the team together. I know that he's old, but still, they could have found some sort of use for him.
    As for the talk of Brian Giles being brought in, I feel like that could be a promising lead. I still feel that Crosby should get the nod, but bringing in a proven player, at hopefully a reasonable cost (as opposed to Griffey) might not be a bad option, because we would have a few outfielders that were versatile enough to play multiple positions.
    It's also nice to hear that many of the young players have been added to the roster. The players you mentioned have great minor league numbers and all seem deserving of a shot. Hopefully they will make the most of it.

    By Blogger Marc Shaffer, at 10:39 PM  

  • I loved having Tino last year and hope maybe he can come back at a lower price than his $3 million offer, or as a coach or something. He is great to have around because he is a reminder of the good old yankees, just like Bernie Williams. He is one of my favorite yankees ever so i would love to see him come back in a backup outfielder role. As for the bullpen, i think the Yanks are going to have to try and get lesser bullpen help, someone like Dotel, i think that will still help but we will see.
    Some one noone has really mentioned for centerfield is Jacque Jones. He played rightfield for the Twins but he was a great fielder and a good hitter, i think he could definitly play a good centerfield, and he is a free agent so all the Yanks would need to give up is some money, and lets be serious money doesn't really matter to the Yankees, no matter what they say.

    By Blogger Adam Meyer, at 1:19 PM  

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