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Monday, November 14, 2005

New York Yankees update

For the biggest Yankee news, Alex Rodriguez has been named MVP for the American League. This is great news for A-Rod and for Yankee fans, as he beat out his rival David Ortiz, of the hated Red Sox, for the award. There he is on the left! Ortiz finished second in the voting. Complete awards coverage, including each League's MVP, Cy Young winners, and managers of the year for all of you Baseball fans out there can be found by clicking on that link! This is Rodriguez's second AL MVP of his career. This year, he had a .321 batting average, 130 Runs Batted In, and 48 home runs. His stellar play at third base is what most likely put him over Ortiz to win the award, as he is a Designated Hitter, and does not play the field much, if at all. Votes were cast before the postseason, which was good news for both A-Rod and Big Papi. Rodriguez went 2-for-15 in the Yankees' ALDS loss to the Angels, while Ortiz had just one RBI as the Red Sox were swept out of the playoffs by the White Sox in the opening round. Also, the Yankees beating the Sox in the divisional series helped Rodriguez tremendously, as he went 4-5 that day in Fenway Park, the Boston Red Sox's home field. It is time to boast some more Yankees greatness: this is the 19th time a member of the team won the MVP award, more than any other team in history. The last Yankee to win the award came in 1985 with Don Mattingly taking it home. In other related news, Torre finished third in voting for Manager of the Year (really though, how could he have won when the White Sox won the World Series for the first time in 85 some odd years?)
In terms of the Yankee's future, talks with Hidecki Matsui are still continuing. His contract with the Yanks is expired. Last week, Brian Cashman met with his agent Arn Tellem, but no proposals were exchanged. The Bronx Bombers have until tomorrow to make an offer. As of right now, I have not heard anything of an offer made to him. If they do not resign him, this will not fare well with fans or teammates. Matsui is a solid player and would like to stay with the Yankees, but as many other big name players, would like more money.
Also in terms of the future, members of the Yankees farm team have been doing very well in the Arizona fall league. Eric Duncan, although he was not very solid when I watched him play this past summer, and their first choice in the 2003 draft (by the way he is from New Jersey.!!) is hitting close to .400 out in the west coast, definetly up from this past summer. Eric Duncan can be seen next to A-Rod up top!Chien Ming Wang has also fared well this past season with 17 stars and went 8-5. Trenton Thunder pitchers Matt DeSalvo and Jeff Karstens pitched well this past season, 3.02 and 4.15 ERA, respectively, and will most likely make the move to Colombus (the Yankees AAA team) soon....and scouts say, New York closely to follow, pending on their success in Ohio. This is important for New York because they usually get rid of young players for more experienced, high price/high profile players. This is telling them that if they keep Wang and allow him to develop, they may not need to go out and spend twenty million dollars on a pitcher.


  • While I am happy that Alex Rodriguez won the MVP, I am not a fan of sportswriters doing the voting. They are way too biased; one voter didn't even put Alex in his top ten, which is absurd. I don't really know how else they could do it, because fans are biased also. Maybe they could make a list of around 5 players that can be chosen and let the managers vote, I think that could be a good idea. I read that the Yankees were talking to Brian Giles, and have contacted him a lot over the last week. Do you think this may mean they aren't too confident of resigning Matsui, or that they may be planning on moving Matsui to centerfield? I really hope they keep Matsui he is one of the most important Yankees. I still want Bubba Crosby to start in centerfield at the beginning of the season, and then try and get some help if he can’t play good enough, or maybe even try Melky Cabrera again. I want to see that kid given another shot, I think he can be special, and have a long career in the Bronx for the Yankees, like former Yank Bernie Williams.

    By Blogger Adam Meyer, at 8:24 PM  

  • Ah, finally some good news to shut up all of the Yankees' haters. I think we all know this was a well- deserved award for Alex Rodriguez, as he is one of the most respected and talented baseball players out there. I'm glad he beat out Ortiz because then we would have to hear all of the Red Sox fans and their comments that I did not want to have to deal with. I think they have a strong team lined up for next year and are going to be a very strong competitor, as they normally are. I also think Matsui would have been a good candidate for the award.

    By Blogger JoAnn, at 5:38 PM  

  • Nicole,
    Congratulations to Alex Rodriguez...I guess. It is a good thing that they voted before the playoffs, because by no means did Alex Rodriguez play a "valuable" post-season. Personally, I think it would be better to vote on a player based on their performance of the entire season; regular season as well as post-season. I do realize that the amount of games played in the post-season is only a fraction of the 162 regular season games played; however in a tight race between two players, their post-season play could be the deciding factor. I understand this wasn't the case this season with A-Rod and Ortiz, although I'm just presenting an idea. Anyway, you had mentioned Eric Duncan and how he was from New Jersey. If my memory serves me correctly, he is from Christian Brothers Academy High School. The reason I know this is because the high school I went to played for the state championship on the same field right after his state championship game. I was at the game watching, and I remember he hit a game winning triple, and all the student fans were talking about how he was a millionaire since the Yankees had just made him their number one draft pick. Anyway, being a third basemen, it will be interesting to see if someday Eric Duncan will fill the shoes of Alex Rodriguez.

    By Blogger Eric Corson, at 11:01 PM  

  • I'm not so sure that ARod was worthy of being crowned the American League's MVP for the 2005 season. While he did put up great numbers overall, he has continually choked in pressure situations (unlike his shortstop Mr. Jeter, who is the best team leader in the sport). For instance, going 2-for-15 in the ALDS is not the player I see as being the most valuable player in his league. It could have been just a slump that he will have corrected himself of come spring training, but his poor play could potentially have been what kept the Yankees from moving on in the post-season. It is fortunate that there is an MVP in both leagues, otherwise Albert Puljos would have walked away with the award in a landslide over both Ortiz and Rodriguez.

    By Blogger k_ricker06, at 3:05 PM  

  • It was good to hear that A-Rod won the AL MVP Award. I think he deserved it. Anyone that can win an MVP award at two different positions must be one heck of an athlete. Do you know how many other professional baseball players have won an MVP at two or more positions?

    I really hope that the Yankees resign Hideki Matsui. Matsui has been a valuable contributor to the team since he came to New York and defintley deserves to have his contract extended. It would not be the same seeing Matsui in another uniform. If however the Yanks do not sign Matsui, is their outfield in trouble for next year?

    Interesting to hear about Eric Duncan. I had never heard his name before. I just read Eric's comment saying how he hit a winning triple on the same day he was signed with the Yankees. That must have been a great day.

    Keep up the nice work.

    By Blogger M. Fox, at 5:14 PM  

  • I do not think they A Rod deserved the MVP. Ortiz and A Rod batting numbers were basically even. Both of them had great seasons. A Rod also is a gold glove caliber fielder at third base so logically he should get the award. But there is one place where Ortiz is far and away better than A Rod and that is coming through with the game on the line. Whenever Ortiz comes up with the game on the line he comes up big. He is the best clutch hitter in baseball. On the otherhand A ROd always chokes. He has tons of talent but doesn't come up big when he is needed most. I think most Yankees fans would agree that they would rather have Jeter up than A Rod with the game on the line.

    By Blogger TJ, at 8:12 PM  

  • I was definitely glad to see that A-rod won the MVP award. I feel that during the REGULAR season, he was the most deserving player in the league, although the numbers Ortiz put up are very impressive. I think the fact that A-rod plays everyday gave him the final nod because offensively both players deserved it. That being said, and it took a lot to say, I hate complimenting Boston players, we need this award to propel A-rod into a playoff player in the Bronx. I know that many people, myself included, were hard on him during the playoffs. For whatever reason he can't seem to keep his game at that top notch level during the postseason. Hopefully this coming season will be the time that he breaks out and stays out for the full season, showing everyone that he truly is the best all around player in the game.

    It is nice to hear that the young guys are doing well. Hopefully these pitchers will come around for next season and provide the lifts that Small and Wang gave us this past season.

    By Blogger Marc Shaffer, at 10:32 PM  

  • I was very pleased to hear about ARod winning the AL MVP award. I know some people felt that he was undeserving of it because of his performance in the playoffs but he still played the field well. I am sorry for all of you Ortiz fans. Lets be serious here, did they really think he was going to get the MVP when all he does is bat? He's never played the field. It's ok if you are a fan and want to support your player, but be realistic when it comes to the MVP award, it goes to the most deserving player, and David Ortiz wasn't it.
    I am looking forward to see what new prospects the Yankees are considering. Who will be in center field. Definatly Bubba as back or maybe even as starter, but with that sort of payroll, you know Cashman is after someone.

    By Blogger pinstripes2, at 8:27 PM  

  • I was really happy to see Alex get the MVP. Although tehre were many other candidates out there, I believe he deserved it more than any other player. He has so many years of excellence ahead of him that I can't wait to see how many records he breaks.
    He wil continue to dominate the league for years to come and will most likely retire a Yankee.
    Once again the Yankees use their approach of trying to buy the best talent out there, but it has failed them again.

    By Blogger Dave, at 8:54 PM  

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