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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Success! The image-uploading device finally works again for me! To the left is a picture of Yankees Stadium in the Bronx, NY. I just tried putting some A-Rod pictures in as well, and now the pictures are not uploading again. Does anyone know why this is happening? To answer my posts, yes Jo I do hope the Yankees make the playoffs this year! It is going to be a tight race right up until the finish. I have a strange feeling that whoever comes in second place in the A.L. East will not make the playoffs, because of the Indians record. I will put up more pictures when it works again. It worked for a second to get the stadium one up. But the Yanks not making the playoffs would be like not having a Christmas, ha. It is unfortunate that they have to end their season in Boston when the series will be so important.
For pinstripes, I do not think Mariano should be the MVP! He has blown too many games this year for him to have that honor. Will he make it to the Hall of Fame, and is he a high quailty picther, yes of course, but starting with the ALCS of last season and some big games (especially with Boston), he has blown important games. I guess I sort of blame him for blowing the series last year, when he blew the save that allowed Boston to win their first game of the series, which gave the momentum to continue winning. I believe Alex Rodriguez should be the MVP, as his hitting has been superb lately and he has really helped the Yankees. This week will be a big test for the Yanks, and the more W's they can get before going into Boston, the better. We will both be cheerign loudly for our Yanks! Is it not weird that the Yanks are going to play Bmore again this week, when they just played them the previous week? I am also glad that Johnson is still playing and doing well. We need him going into the stretch!Who knows what will happen to their entire pitching staff after this season, I think they still need to make a few changes to return to their once domination over teams. This week will be exciting either way!


  • I definitely agree that Alex Rodriguez should be MVP, not Mariano Rivera. I love your additional pictures. And I know that Yankees will make it to the play-offs this season. We should get together and organize a Yankee game trip up to the Bronx or for their parade in New York City (because they will be having one!). The tickertape parades are so much and so messy! I remember painting my face blue and white and taking tons of pictures as the players passed by. I unfortunately have not been able to watch too much baseball this season due to a heavy work load this senior semester. With 18 credits and a part time job, it sometimes is a little difficult to schedule in a Yankee game. Hopefully this week I will have some free time to fit in a baseball game. See ya at the job fair this afternoon!

    By Blogger Jackie, at 2:12 PM  

  • Go Phillies! Let's see a new team make the playoffs. I've been waiting since 1993 to see the Phillies make it back to the playoffs. Anyway, in regards to the MVP race, A-Rod is a very likely candidate, but how about Big Papi, David Ortiz? I know you're a die-hard Yankees fan and you hate the Red Sox, but you have to admit that Ortiz has been having an MVP type season as well. Have you thought about catching a game just incase the Yanks don't make the post season? Obviously you know they're presently in a three game series with Baltimore, so why don't you take a trip down there on Wednesday or Thursday? It's not that far from here and I also heard you get a discount on ticket prices if you have a college ID. However, I'm not positive if that rumor is true. Well I'm not going to say I wish the Yankees luck as they finish their regular season on the road, but I will wish for good baseball and another close playoff race!

    By Blogger Eric Corson, at 10:48 PM  

  • I have enjoyed going to Yankee Stadium for as long as I can remember. I have very fond memories of visiting the stadium with my grandfather when he would take us to see the monuments in Monument Park. Yankee stadium has a great atmosphere, and very very devoted fans. Its an experience that you will only find at Yankee Stadium. More recently I've enjoyed sitting in the bleachers on summer afternoons with the rest of the sloppy Yankee fans. I really hope that Yankee stadium remains the ball park of the Yankee organization for years to come and I hope that one day I can take my kids there!

    By Blogger M. Fox, at 9:06 PM  

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