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Wednesday, September 14, 2005


Here are some pictures to put some names to faces! Alex Rodriguez is on the left, who plays third base for the Yankees and is presently one of their leading hitters. Derek Jeter ( my favorite player) is in the center, who plays shortstop. Joe Torre, the yankees coach, is on the right hand side. These men are some of the greatest assests the team has !


  • Go Yankees! I love the pictures you posted of Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez- HOT! As a New York resident myself, I love the NY Yankees. However, I have only been a fan since high school. I really wasn’t into Major League baseball since my dad was only an avid football fan. But freshmen year in high school changed that when I met Natalie, now my best friend in 1998. She took me to my first baseball game with a bunch of friends one Saturday. We took the ferry from Staten Island to downtown Manhattan and then rode a couple of subways to get into the Bronx. We finally arrived at Shea Stadium and bought cheap bleacher seats. I was surprised at how good the view was despite the fact we were in the outfield. I was so close to Bernie Williams who I believe was playing right outfield at the time. Bernie, by the way, is one of my favorite players- I will tell you all about him in another comment! The fans were eating hotdogs and peanuts, getting drunk, singing and having the time of their lives! It was so much fun!! Unfortunately, alcohol is not served in the stadium anymore. I guess New Yorkers know how to have a little too much fun!! I remember the singing in between the innings, the audience chanting the players’ names when at bat, and taunting the other teams’ outfielders. It was so cute how they wrote birthdays and wedding announcements on the display screen! The game was exciting and long and of course the Yankees won. It was an experience I’ll never forget!!

    By Blogger Jackie, at 6:25 PM  

  • It’s nice to know that there are other series Yankee fans out there. I liked the pictures that you posted of A-Rod and Jeter of course! I am a huge Derek Jeter fan, well maybe it’s more like an obsession. I have two posters of Jeter in my room here at school. It sucks coming back to school in Delaware where there’s no YES network. I watched every game but two this summer. I thought that they were going to win today, which have been great considering the fact that Boston lost. I have faith in them and they will make it to the post season and dominate, like always.

    By Blogger pinstripes2, at 11:30 PM  

  • This is the first time I can remember seeing a picture of Joe Torre smiling. When he sits on the bench during games he always looks angry and frustrated and really never shows any other emotion. I think Joe Torre has done a great job as the Yankees skipper all these years. His accolades and awards are proof of his great coaching ability.

    I also liked the pictures of AROD and Jeter on your post. The two were friends before AROD came to the Yankees and I'm glad to see that they are playing well and getting along together now that they are on the same team, especially since AROD had to change his position. I think the two of them will be a great one two punch on the left side of the infield for the Yankees for many years to come.

    By Blogger M. Fox, at 9:21 PM  

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